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Gear Maintenance Policies

Pacific Ocean Water Sports services a large variety of SCUBA brands.

Some service jobs are done in-house while other service jobs are done through the original manufacturer of through a third-party contractor.

All jobs are performed by trained and certified technicians and / or by original manufacturer technicians.

The following standard rates apply to most service jobs:

  1. Regulator visual and mechanical testing and diagnosis - minimum charge $35, applied to the balance of repair if such repair is conducted.

  2. Regulator annual tune-up $185 and up depending on brand and model, includes parts and labor; regulator rebuild  including annual tune-up $250 and up.

  3. SCUBA tank - annual visual inspection $30.

  4. SCUBA tank 5-yr hydro static test $60 (minimum one week lead time).

  5. Annual Buoyancy Compensator cleaning and tune up - starting at $25 and up depending on brand and model.

  6. Wet suit repairs - holes and tears repairs - starting price $45 depending on brand and wet suit thickness. Zipper replacements - starting price $85 depending on brand and zipper type.


Please note: all jobs are subject to a minimum repair turn around time of two weeks or more, depending on the present workload at the time of the order placement - if you need a quick turn around please ask at the store for a rush order and rush order pricing details.

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