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Now that you are Open Water Certified and perhaps you have even completed a dozen dives, consider the Advanced Open Water Certification and training to learn more about the dive theory and practical skills necessary to become a strong SCUBA diver -the dive buddy everyone loves to dive with.


Course goal: This certification is designed for newer divers who wish to increase their level of experience and underwater proficiency.

A minimum of two hours of Zoom training are required to cover the theory associated with this hands-on training program.


You’ll plan your SCUBA learning path with your instructor based on your personal interest, from deep diving, to night diving, to marine environmental awareness, to advanced compass navigation, underwater digital imaging, and so much more.


Equipment required: Students must buy a compass and a dive knife or dive tool (scissors) in order to take this class while it is strongly recommended (but not required) that you purchase your regulator set and BCD as well as your own dive computer.


You may also choose to rent your hard gear package for this class.


Schedule: the Advanced Open Water Certification is a highly customizable class that can be scheduled to fit your personal lifestyle.


We offer this class regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays of the second week each month.


We offer the 6 required ocean dives both locally (in Monterey, Lake Tahoe, Catalina Island or Channel Islands) as well as overseas in warm-water destinations. Additional fees may apply to destination trips.


Price includes:

  • Instructor fees
  • Zoom session
  • 2 hours of pool time (if needed).
  • Student manual and classroom materials
  • Certification card
  • Instructor services at local dive site during your 6 certification dives


Beware of online scuba certifications offered for a very low price.

Online low prices would not include everything that is needed to get you certified and futher expenses are usually added onto their advertised price.

The certification price you see in our listing is the price you pay!


Upon request and for additional fee we can create a custom warm-water destination trip for you and your family to complete your certification.


Contact us to learn all the certification details or to sign up!

Advanced Open Water Diver

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