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The Dry Suit Diver certification is one of the most valuable for those who live in cold water areas.


Stay warmer while you dive and expand your dive season by becoming dry suit certified. 


Course goal: aside from identifying and becoming very familiar with the different components of a dry suit you will also learn to compensate for the buoyancy changes as a result of the dry suit and undergarment suit worn.


Additionally you will learn the proper way to put on / take off a dry suit.


We will explore special underwater considerations to observe whenever diving with a dry suit.


Lastly, you will learn how to properly take care of your dry suit's basic maintenance.


Two dives wearing a dry suit are required in order to complete your dry suit training and certification.


Equipment required: aside from the standard SCUBA gear, a dry suit plus additional weights are required to take this class.

If you do not own a dry suit you may lease a dry suit from us. Leasing entitles you to use the dry suit twice a month for the three-month period following the course.


Schedule: this certification is highly customizable to fit the student’s lifestyle - certification is subject to the completion of two dives in the company of the instructor.


Price includes:

  • Instructor fees
  •  3-hours of Zoom theory training
  • 2 hours of pool time (only if needed)
  • Student manual and materials
  • Certification card
  • Instructor services at local dive site


Beware of online SCUBA certification offered elsewhere for very low prices.

Online low prices are usually not all-inclusive as you get charged later on for additional items needed to complete your certification.

The price you see in our listing is the price you pay.


Contact us to learn all the certification details or to sign up!

Dry Suit Diver

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