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This certification is open to anyone 12 years old and up.


SCUBA diving with Nitrox gas is one of the great add-ons to our sport in the 20th century that is growing in popularity among recreational divers in the current century as we continue to document the benefits of eliminating large amounts of Nitrogen from the gas you breathe while diving.


For older SCUBA divers (30 and up) breathing Nitrox is particularly beneficial because older SCUBA divers tend to offgas Nitrogen at a slower rate than younger divers.


Course goal: You will attend a 3-hr online theory session where we will discuss the benefits of using a higher oxygen gas vs air, managing oxygen exposure, measuring the oxygen levels in your tank and much more.


Following the successful completion of your theory session you will complete two dives with your instructor using Nitrox gas.


Equipment required: You are not required to purchase any additional gear. The only gear out-of-pocket expense is the rental of two Nitrox tanks/fills.


The Instructor will provide you with a Nitrox gas analyzer which you will learn to use to determine the oxygen content in your tank.


It is strongly recommended (but not required) that you own your SCUBA hard gear to take this class.


Schedule: we offer this class on-demand (scheduled at your convenience whenever possible). Additionally, we offer this class on the last Wednesday of every month.


Price includes:

  • Instructor fees
  • Zoom session and final written exam
  • 2 hours of pool time (if needed)
  • Student manual and materials
  • Certification card


Beware of online SCUBA certifications offered elsewhere for very low prices.

Online low prices would likely not include all the necessary items needed to get you certified which results in additonal expenses charged over the advertised price.

Our advertised price is all-inclusive as per the above list -the price you see is the price you pay!


Contact us to learn all the certification details or to sign up!

Enriched Air Diver

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