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The new balanced-diaphragm first stage was designed and engineered specifically to reduce weight and size. The inner mechanics are completely waterproof thanks to the diaphragm and double seal. The balancing system guarantees the same intermediate pressure, even with the drop in tank pressure maintaining second stage performance stability for the entire duration of your dive. The latter which is mechanically balanced like the DX200 ensures maximum performance and functionality for the easiest and most natural breathing possible.


  • Second stage material: technopolymers elastomers with components in metal and coated with “Luxury Technology” treatment for abrasion and scratch resistance.
  • Second stage features: possibility to regulate both respiratory exertion and the Venturi effect.
  • HP outlets: 2
  • LP outlets: 4.

Seac MX 200

  • No returns after 30 days. No returns for gear that has been in the water or shows wear and tear. Returns will incur 10% restocking fee.

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