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Visiting a sunken ship is like visiting a museum full of history.


We will teach you to explore wrecks with increased safety while making sure the natural environment surrounding the wreck is not altered.


This certification is available for certified divers 15 years old and up.


Course goal: your training starts by reviewing the guidelines for researching, touring, and respecting the ship wrecks that you will dive, also covering the safety considerations for exploring wrecks, surveying and mapping wrecks, using penetration reference lines to explore wrecks, and much more.


Students who successfully complete their theory sessions will be allowed to conduct four ship wreck dives in the company of their instructor.


Equipment required: Students will need a compass, a dive lamp, slate, and a reference line.


It is strongly recommended (but not required) that each student owns his/her own hard gear.


Students may also rent their hard gear in order to take this class.


Schedule: this certification is highly customizable to fit the student’s lifestyle and the training completion requires that participants visit a dive site that has a ship wreck(s). Normally two theory sessions are required to go over the important considerations of wreck diving prior to diving wrecks.


Price includes:

  • Instructor fees
  • Classroom time
  • 2 hours of pool time (if needed)
  • Student manual and materials
  • Certification card
  • Instructor services at local dive site (if needed)


Beware of SCUBA certification offered elsewhere for very low prices. Low prices are usually not all-inclusive as you get charged later on for other items needed to complete your certification.


Upon request and for additional fee we can create a custom warm-water destination trip for you and your family to complete certification.


Contact us to learn all the certification details or to sign up!

Wreck Diver

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